A web search for the National Center for Preservation Technology and Training (NCPTT) yields an attractive URL, http://www.ncptt.nps.gov/ . The Center offers field classes throughout the United States and also runs a periodic podcast (http://www.ncptt.nps.gov/category/podcast/)

The NCPTT is conveniently located in Nelson Hall, a restored brick campus building, on Northwestern State University campus at 645 University Parkway in Natchitoches, LA. The agency is managed by the National Parks Service, US Department of the Interior, and advised by a thirteen person Federal Advisory Committee (“PTT Board).  Kirk Cordell is the Executive Director of the Center. Mr. Cordell and the staff of the center can be reached by phone at (318) 356-7444; Fax at (318) 356-9119; or email at ncptt@nps.gov .

Detailed information about the NCPTT is easily available on the website. Based on the information available, I have very high expectations of the Center. Since both the agency’s mission and website focus on research and training, I anticipate a complex of working offices with some public resources, rather than a large general-public focused museum.