Troyville Earthworks

Troyville Earthworks

Information on the Jonesville Site (Troyville Great Mound) is available online through a number of sources, including a State DOT press release, online articles from the Concordia Sentinel (Concordia Parish borders Catahoula Parish to the east), and the article by Aubra “Butch” Lee, “The Troyville Site: Embankment and River Bank Excavations” in Louisiana Archaeology:

Troyville is a video by Phat River Studios, hosted by Eric Glatzer, and vailable on Youtube.

You can also watch a Youtube video of the demolition of the Black River Bridge  (also by PhatRiver) here:

The site is located at Latitude: 31.626694 Longitude: -91.8165 near the Black River bridge near confluence of the Ouachita, Tensas and Little Rivers. It is about 100 miles from NSU. The bulk of the site seems to be owned by the DOT. Some parts of the Troyville complex are privately owned. The Archaeological Conservancy has recently purchased the land that Mound #4 sits on.

The Troyville complex is a National Register site. I recently stopped by the site on a driving tour of mounds in Catahoula parish (Harrisonburg, McGuffee between Jonesville  and Harrisonburg, and the Peck Mounds at Lake Louie on Sicily Island).

On the Saturday before Labor Day the site of the Great Mound looked like a mundane bridge construction site.

old brige bank, Jonesville

old bridge bank, Jonesville

Copious information is available online, but little interpretive information is obvious in Jonesville. This is the epicenter of the Troyville culture (the one we learned about in undergraduate archaeology class) . I hope that the public interpretation on -site is continually developed.  I look forward to the site visit led by archaeologist “Butch” Lee.