Pre-Site Visit  Old Courthouse, Natchitoches:

Natchitoches Parish Genealogical Library

Old Courthouse Museum/ Louisiana Sports Hall of Fame and Regional History Museum Project

1) Resources Consulted (web pages [list URL], personal contacts, brochures, newspaper/radio/television advertisements, etc.):

The Louisiana State Museum offers useful information , focusing on the building’s history and architecture:

In 2004 the building held important exhibitions commemorating the bicentennial of the Louisiana Purchase In 2006 the museum hosted an exhibition on creole cooking, and two years ago the Old Courthouse Museum hosted artist George Rodrigue But a recent article from the Natchitoches Times revealed that the museum no longer has revolving exhibits and its hours have been drastically reduced.

The Genealogical association maintains the following website:

The internet researcher will also find copious amounts of information regarding the architecture of the proposed Louisiana Sports Hall of Fame and North Louisiana Regional History Museum: and

Additionally, Dr. Haley sent an email saying: ‘[t]he Genealogical Library has a number of books, newspapers, microfilm etc. that may benefit you during your MAHR career, and the Museum will be of interest as a planned facility (and some of the community resistance that can occur as a result).”  The HABS report on the building is also available online.

2) Location (Yahoo/Google Maps, etc.) and Distance from NSU:

The Old Courthouse is located at 600 2nd St Natchitoches, LA 71457, about a mile (twenty minute walk) from NSU Campus

3) Owner/Manager (include contact information):

Old Courthouse Museum

(318) 357-2270

Natchitoches Genealogical and Historical Association operates on a volunteer staff structure.

(318) 357-2235

4) Site Description (in your own words):

The old courthouse is a large 2 ½ storied brownish-red brick building with a tower extending above the roof-line directly above the front double doors. It is located in the Natchitoches Historic District.

5) Ease of Finding Information and 6) Quality/Quantity of Information:

Information on the building, its history and architecture was easy to find. Detailed information on the entities housed in it was much more difficult to obtain.  The Genealogical Association has a basic and seemingly static website. Information on the architecture of the proposed “LOUISIANA SPORTS HALL OF FAME AND NORTH LOUISIANA REGIONAL HISTORY MUSEUM” is widely available, but I could find no information on the offices in the Old Courthouse.

7) Visitor Expectations Based on Available Information:

I have conflicting expectations, but trust that the visit will prove to be interesting.