Cammie Henry Research Center at the Watson Memorial Library

1) Resources Consulted (web pages [list URL], personal contacts, brochures, newspaper/radio/television advertisements, etc.):

The library website provides basic information, including contact information. I have visited the archives and introduced myself to Ms. Wenet two weeks ago. She generously offered me an introduction to the archives, and offered hard copies of relevant information, most of which is available online.

You can also find information through the Natchitoches Preservation Network,

2) Location (Yahoo/Google Maps, etc.) and Distance from NSU:

The Cammie Henry Research Center is located on the third floor of the Watson Library on NSU Campus.  The library is easily accessed from the University Parkway (College Avenue) parking lot on the north side of the building.

3) Owner/Manager (include contact information):

The owner is the NSU, a public university in the State of Louisiana. Abbie Landry is the Interim Director of the Library, but archivist Mary Linn Wernet  runs the Cammie G. Henry Research Center. Shelia Thompson is the archival library technician.  They can both be reached at (318) 357-4585. Hours are Monday-Friday 8 am-5 PM.

4) Site Description (in your own words):

Third floor of the library. See also #2 (above) and #7 (below).

5) Ease of Finding Information and 6) Quality/Quantity of Information:

The Internet makes finding and accessing the information easy. One gets a good sense of what the components of the archives are in general terms. More detailed information is harder to come by.  As more of the collections get electronically inventoried, more information will be available to the researcher.

7) Visitor Expectations Based on Available Information:

I expect to see much of the third floor of the library, including a stacks area, rare books under lock and key, map drawers, and vertical files, and microform: all staples of a good general library archive. I hope to also see listening stations and digitizing equipment.