The Natchitoches Preservation Network, seems to be primarily a free social networking site for people interested in preserving the heritage of Natchitoches Parish. I am unsure if there is a physical location of the network, per se. Jeff Guin runs the website. He also makes video documentaries, some of which are available at and is a guest column (with Natchitoches Preservation Network byline) in the Natchitoches Times. Joining NPN is easy. The site even has a group for Heritage Resources. I have no idea what to expect from the visit with Mr. Guin, but look forward to it.

Cane River Creole National Historic Park Curation Facility

Most websites featuring the Cane River Creole National Historic Park exclude information on curation or the facility.  I found the following information, each of which has at least a snippet of information on the Curation Facility:

Additionally, I found a video of Rodney Meziere on Guin’s Preservation Network TV, talking about collections conservation (part of curation) using the  poster he presented at the “Preservation in Your Community” event in August 2009.
The Curation Facility is located at 400 Rapides Dr. Natchitoches, Louisiana 71457, about a mile from campus

It is a mysterious and unassuming building owned by the National Parks Service. The phone number is (318) 352-0383.

Little information is available online about the facility. I am unsure if it is open to the public. I expect to find a working curation facility, minimal interpretation, and a small lab.