Melrose plantation (also known as Yucca Plantation) is 16.8 miles South Southeast of NSU Campus, at the junction of Highway 119 and 493 in Melrose on the east bank of the Cane River.

It is owned by the Association for the Preservation of Historic Natchitoches (318-379-0055 )  and is open noon until 4 PM Tue-Sun.

APHN’s website located at is not functioning. Aside from that, information was freely available online, but occasionally contradictory. Why is the place interpreted as the home of Marie Therese Coincoin? Why (and how) is that interpretation contested?

I expect to hear more about Coincoin, the Hertzogs, Cammie Henry and perhaps Clementine Hunter. I expect to hear the histories of the structures. I hope to hear about construction methods and something on the owners’ plans for the Kate Chopin (Alexis Cloutier) House.

The following web pages were easy to find and yielded useful information:

Note that Melrose Plantation in Natchitoches Parish, Louisiana is not to be confused with in Virginia or in Adams County Mississippi.