This weekend, our cohort will visit the Military Maneuvers Museum, White Sulphur Springs, Jena Band of Choctaw, and Poverty Point.

A previous post contains the pre-site report on the Military Maneuvers Museum.

I consulted a number of websites for our visit. Little was available on White Sulphur Springs ( ,,ftc,3,fid,1630396,n,white%20sulphur%20springs%20post%20office.cfm, and )

The Jena Band of Choctaws’ website was the best source of information on them, but NSU’s Folklife Center also offers a good resource:

There are dozens of web-based resources on Poverty Point, but of various scientific integrity and detail:

Our cohort will do a trek throughout Central and Northwest Louisiana moving between I-49 and I-20 in a loop Northeast of Natchitoches, south to Pineville, then to White Sulphur Springs and Trout (in the Jena area), then to Poverty Point (near Epps). A potential route is in this Google travel plan.

I recently visited the Jena Band at powwow and look forward to this visit. My guess is that White Sulphur Springs will be a natural spring and perhaps an archaeology site, yet I sincerely look forward to it. I have high expectations of Poverty Point. I have been waiting my whole life to go there.