Magnolia Plantation normally has personal discovery tours (i.e., self guided/not staffed with an interpretive ranger) on weekdays. The MAHR 2011 Cohort visited Magnolia Plantation on a Friday but were lucky enough to have met Mr. Dustin Fuqua and Jeff Guin there.

clock and bousillage

Pencil drawn clock on plaster over bousillage in hospital/ overseer's house

This visit was more of a project continuation, where the class worked on our podcasts and videos. Instead of general site interpretation, Mr.  ? focused on lesser known landscape features of the site, including fence posts, places of cisterns, and a cattle dipping area. We also toured the hospital/overseers cabin.

Visitors who happened upon the site as part of  the larger complex of downriver plantations did the self tour.They told us they liked it.

Even though the park area of Magnolia is relatively small, the park is clearly a rich resource. I had a feeling we didn’t get enough backstory and wish we could have had more overall site interpretation.

I hope to share more on Magnolia when our cohort gets the podcast and videos completed, and hope to return again to explore Magnolia.

brick servants quarters

lane of brick servants' quarters