Regional Archaeologist Jeff Girard will likely speak to our class on the Regional Archaeology program, as well as his fieldwork at the Fish Hatchery (16NA70).  A pdf of his paper provided by Dr. Haley would not load in Blackboard, but I found an untitled paper for background at the CRT website. After hearing about the excavations, we will visit the hatchery.


The Regional Archaeology program now includes four regional archeologists for the state, plus one for Greater New Orleans and another for Poverty Point. The program once had additional station archaeologists. The program is part of the Louisiana Division of Archaeology, CRT (department of Culture, Recreation, and Tourism), and a map of the regions is available at their website

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Resources consulted include the hatchery’s website , Randall Hart’s “Caddo Heritage Day”, prior participation at heritage education events at the Fish Hatchery, and an untitled report by Jeff Girard: Girard, Jeff.  Untitled Report on Fish Hatchery.

The location of the fish hatchery is 615 South Drive in Natchitoches, not far from Northwestern State University. It is owned by the US Government and managed by the Fish and Wildlife Service. The phone number is (318) 352-5324. The site is a working fish hatchery that includes an aquarium and limited interpretation of Native Americans that once occupied the site. The hatchery realizes that this is considered a sacred burial ground of  the Natchitoches band of Caddo, therefore, the Fish Hatchery management tries to cultivate a meaningful relationship with the Caddo Nation.

I don’t know what to expect of this visit.