HO MINTI is Choctaw for “y’all come.” The organization promotes cultural awareness, service, community organizing, and education relating to the Choctaw-Apache Community.

Over the past year, the non-profit organization has held monthly activities including beading and pine needle basketry classes, a bream tournament for children, a workshops on making moccasins and gourds and participated in a number of area events.The organization and our activities are open to both Native and non-Native supporters.


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We call for a coming back together and returning to traditional American Indian ways of knowing and doing. The name also suggests a kind of in-gathering and renewal that we believe is necessary that our nation and culture to both survive and prosper.

The purpose of the group is to promote CULTURAL AWARENESS, SERVICE, COMMUNITY ORGANIZING, and EDUCATION in a way that respects traditional knowledge, the breadth of our history and heritage, encourages arts and crafts. We organize regular activities for members and the community.

We acknowledge the Choctaw-Apache Community of Ebarb, Inc. and the Choctaw-Apache tribal council as the governmental entity for the tribal nation to which most of us belong. However, the Ho Minti Society is a Louisiana non-profit organization that operates completely independently from the tribal government. Full membership is open to those eligible for enrollment in the tribe. We also encourage all American Indians and non-Native supporters living in the region to become associate members.


The HO MINTI SOCIETY is committed to the following four pillars:

1) Respect for traditional knowledge and cultural vitalization.

2) Reinvigorating cultural knowledge in everyday life through monthly cultural
teachings and sharing of cultural knowledge as well as annual meetings.

3) Supporting historical and heritage knowledge through historical and ethnological research and publications.

4) Supporting traditional arts and crafts and artistic development.

If you agree with our mission and our vision, we encourage you to join us!

You can find out more about HoMinti Soceity on Facebook.