Robert Caldwell for Vice Chairman: Educated and Experienced Sunday, Jun 22 2014 

I ran for Vice-Chairman of the Chocataw-Apache Tribe in the 2014 elections. As a trained historian and experienced in Cultural resources, archaeology, public history, and heritage management and a sitting Councilmember (2011-2014) I dedicated countless hours toward Federal Recognition (2010-Present). I ran on a platform to ensure preservation of our traditional cultural places and practices. I didn’t win the election, but will seek ways to continue to work for the betterment of my people. Best wishes for the new council and their tasks ahead. with mom

Three new booklets to benefit the Chocataw-Apache of Ebarb Thursday, May 22 2014 

This Spring I co-authored and published three short books to benefit the Choctaw-Apache.  Two were cookbooks,

Let’s All Eat! and Something Sweet with Rhonda Remedies Gauthier and Choctaw-Apache: Twenty Years of Powwow with Suzie Sepulvado and Amelia Bison. They are available from the office for $5 plus shipping. I hope to publish them electronically with all proceeds after costs to benefit the tribelet's all eat in Fall 2014. Something Sweet


twenty years

Great year for Native American Student Association at UT Arlington Saturday, May 4 2013 

I was honored to receive the Organization President Appreciation Award at UT Arlington Multicultural Affairs’ Diversity Awards Ceremony for my service as president of the Native American Student Association. NASA has been fortunate this year to have continuous support from Native alumni, consistent, great advice from our advisors, and and a small but very dedicated group of core members.

Our powwow has become a critical part of the North Texas Native and non-Native community, profiled this year in, FW Star-Telegram, Dallas Morning News, Beyond Bows and Arrows Radio Show, the Buffalo News as well as the UTA Shorthorn.  This amazing year follows up on last year’s Outstanding Contribution to the Greater Community by a Student Organization Award given by UTA Student Governance.

I congratulate the new officers for 2013-2014: Stephanie Matthews, President; Harold Rogers, Vice President;  Matthew Schneider, Secretary; Benjamin Honea ,Treasurer. I look forward to an exciting year of NASA activities and a wonderful powwow on February  22, 2014. Wednesday, Mar 27 2013

I was recently awarded a number of distinctions at the University of Texas at Arlington, including the George Wolfskill Award for Outstanding Graduate Paper and a second-year award of the Hall-Kohfeldt Scholarship in American Indian and Southwestern Studies. Attached is the Fall 2012 issue of Fronteras that profiles my 2012 Hall-Kohfeldt Scholarship. I was also recipient of the 2012 Jenkins and Virginia Garrett Endowed Fellowship in the History of Cartography. I thank my family and tribal citizens who have supported my efforts to continue to do the research that resulted in these awards.