The 2011 NSU Folk Festival, “The Tribes Remain: Contemporary Southeastern Indian Cultures” 

The gathering was an excellent opportunity for American Indian artisans from throughout the state and to get together with tribal members from Oklahoma and throughout the Southeast. The newsletter in advance of the festival is located here. An unplanned problems at Prather Coliseum the event was moved to the Friedman Student Union an nearby locations.

I was honored and privileged to present alongside Marjorie Battise in a narrative session entitled “Food Ways: The Three Sisters: Corn, Beans, and Squash and other Gifts.”  Mrs. Battiste is a recognized Koasati (Coushatta) pine needle basket maker and food historian. She was inducted into the Louisiana Hall of Master Folk Artists in 1982.

The event included Caddo singing and dance. Chickasaw stomp dance, Mississippi Choctaw exhibition stickball game, crafts artists, and music. A schedule of the events is available here. Sonny Carter took some excellent pictures of the festival.