Oral History Interviews Tuesday, May 4 2010 

I interviewed my great-aunt Margie Remedies in March 2010, for Dr. Dollar’s Oral History class. Margie Remedies grew up outside of Many, and married into the Remedies family, where she quickly learned their foodways. She offers a firsthand account that weaves together both an insider and outsider’s view of those foodways.

Two taped and transcribed  interviews include numerous food preparation and food preservation techniques, as well as informative family vignettes. She explains how to make tamales from scratch: “first you butcher your hog…,” to making homemade ash lye for lying the corn, to spicing the meat, to hand rolling seventy-five dozen tamales.

Preparation of, and eating chili peppers was a key part of family food culture. Fresh (green) and/or dried (red) peppers were eaten at every meal. Peppers were dried by stringing them or laying them out on tin roofs.  Pepper was prepared with eggs; fresh pepper with onions, garlic, and tomatoes, or as a spice in beans or peas.  Aunt Margie explains the preparation of corn and pepper using hand food grinders, and, historically, using a “metat rock.” She tells how to make pigtail gravy and how to make hominy, masa, and tortillas the old way.

I look forward to follow up conversations with her and the opportunity to accompany her on a visit to L& W Tamales, her favorite Tamale supplier in Zwolle. A thesis on foodways seems like a bunch of fun.  But it will inevitably be hard work too!

The Choctaw-Apache Tribe of Ebarb 17th Annual Pow Wow April 30 & May 1 Wednesday, Apr 28 2010 

The Choctaw-Apache Tribe of Ebarb
17th Annual Pow Wow
Friday April 30 and Saturday May 1, 2010
at Zwolle High School

The Head Staff are as follows:
MC- Harold Comby
AD- Vance Beaver
Head Gourd- Travis Harris
Head Man- Ricky Garcie
Head Lady- Janelle Peavy
Drum- Frank Tongkeamba
Head Little Lady- Barbara Ramedies
Head Little Man- Trenton Malmay

9-9:30 Gourd Dancing
9:30-2 PM- Demonstrations
6 PM – Gourd Dancing
7 PM – Grand Entry
10 AM Gourd Dancing
12 Noon- Lunch
1 PM- Grand Entry
5 PM – Dinner
6 PM – Grand Entry

This is a smoke, drug, and alcohol free event.


Photos from Saturday May 1: